Replacing the small AGM battery in the cricket with a LifePo4.

First things first, if you have been following what I’m doing you know I’m a true believer in LifePo4 batteries and solar power, this project is no different.

I worked this last week on replacing the existing 80AH AGM (which really only becomes 35/37AH of useable power before you start damaging the battery) with a Bioenno Power 100AH 12v LFP.


This is the battery it replaced…..

Quick shout out to the bioenno power folks for being an amazing company to do business with, I can’t say enough good things about their batteries.

Bioenno Power 12v 100AH LFP

It was a pretty straight up process, had to modify the base a bit so that this battery would fit. Even though is a larger battery both in amps and size it is still so much lighter than the smaller AGM.

Taxa Cricket Solar Setup…. 100AH LifePo4 battery

uhm it looks like some deliberate over use of electrical tape….

Taxa Cricket Solar Setup…. 100AH LifePo4 battery

After…. and this is how I like my wiring done!

Taxa Cricket Solar Setup…. 100AH LifePo4 battery

And then I’m all done….. all of 30 minutes and battery switched, cabling done and 100AH of useable power (about 1200WH of it)

For more information about this battery head to Bioenno Power to learn more.


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