And then this happened …… 2019 Taxa Cricket

Yup you heard that right, on our way back from California to Georgia we decided to drop by and check out the 2019 Taxa Cricket in Mesa, AZ…….. needless to say we had been keeping an eye on this thing as it is just amazing how ingenious it is, that and we had been thinking about getting one for a while.

A bit about ourselves, we are a family of 4, I am 6’5″ and my little girls well…. they take after dad in height. Also having these many ladies on-board requires some finesse in the comfort department :-))


As you can see I had to move the RTT (Roof Top Tent) to the Land Cruiser.




Yeah we left the TerraPod in AZ ….. a lot of people asked me why I did what I did, what drove me to switch from the TerraPod to the Taxa, the answer is not that complicated, I mean it’s all relevant and everything has pros and cons, the terrapod is a beast, overbuilt (a tank) and purpose built for the rough terrain, but because of that it has small spaces and no creature comforts so to speak… (It did have the most comfortable bed though)…..


Comes already setup with a Dometic fridge ….

The cricket in the other hand has plenty of creature comforts, plenty space, we can stand inside, built in water tank, stove, heater (both water and cabin) fits a family of 4, dual propane tanks and more, well built…..


It also comes with an outside connection for a shower, hot and cold water and it does come with a privacy tent which you can set up next to that.


Two (2) Child/Kid berths and queen size bed (at the widest)



Two burner stove and sink (running hot water 🙂 + counter space for prep and organizing


The center portion of the bed also pops up to become a small table for dining or working on your laptop/iPad. (and for laughs too)

With that said it’s not a TerraPod in terms of being built like a tank, I’m not sure it’ll survive some of the stuff I put the terra through, the frame (more on this later, they could’ve done better in that department, it looks weak and I might have to look at this later) for example is a huge difference as well. Another difference is the suspension (I liked the Timbren independent suspension much better and might look at upgrading…… which might trigger a frame upgrade as well), I also really miss the max coupler.


Full size rear hatch door, plenty of storage compartments and plenty of windows as well for cross ventilation

All end all everything is a trade off and the terra was an amazing starter adventure rig and even one for quick weekend escapades, hunting comes to mind as well, now it’s more about finding that comfort and still keep it relatively small and garageable.

More details to come on this soon…. stay tuned for “Cricket Adventures”

2 thoughts on “And then this happened …… 2019 Taxa Cricket

  1. Ryan says:

    Congrats on the Cricket! Before you rebuild your frame…
    The 2020 (starting build production now) editions have an overland option (timbren, 4” lift, beefier frame, larger table, thicker bed, etc). You have to buy direct from Taxa for the overland edition. We take delivery of ours in 3 weeks. Taxa will deliver it across country for a nominal fee if you don’t want to make the trip out to Houston.


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