New FuelZero Solar Generator 1460WH

This thing is amazing, more after the break.

This is the FuelZero Solar Generator 1460WH, available directly from

-1500 watt (4500 watt peak) Pure Sine Wave Low Frequency Inverter
-4 120v AC Outlets, 6 USB Sockets, 12v socket
-LCD Display shows Battery Status and Solar Charging Activity
-50AH 29.2v LIFEPO4 Battery (1460 Watt-Hours)
-2x 100 watt Semi-Flexible Solar Panels
-20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller supporting up to 520 watts of PV input
-10A AC Charger to charge from a wall outlet
-30 Foot long Solar Cables
-Premium Wheeled case for easy transport and protection of equipment
-Weight 70 pounds (32Kg)

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