80qt ARB Fridge

This thing is absolutely fantastic.

We finally decided to go ahead and upgrade from our 50qt ARB to the 80qt ARB fridge/freezer.

The main reason was due to the large group of people we always camp with as well as the number of days we stay out there.

The 80qt provides us with ample space for food as well as cold beverages without compromising.

A fridge has been one of the best additions to our camping adventures besides the Terrapod One adventure trailer, no soggy sandwiches or watery/slushy mess on a cooler, as we know ice itself takes up a considerable amount of space on a traditional cooler itself therefore leaving you with less space for food and drinks.

While on transit it is powered directly from the land cruiser with direct fused connection to the main battery, this hasnt been a problem overnights and in fact we’ve spent a couple nights like this without cranking the engine. This is due to the very low power drain in amperages from the battery.

80qt ARB Fridge Freezer

Now with the addition of the Terra as well as the solar generator the fridge can live off either of those without risking killing your starting battery during prolonged camping periods.

At any rate we always carry our NOCO genius boost plus gb40 & gb70 ….. “it’s never a bad idea to be prepared…. better safe that sorry”

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